Lent Energy Saving Tip Day 39 - #Vampire Power

Do you leave equipment on standby or running all through the night?
Some estimates say that up to 20% of energy used in homes is wasted by standby and non use.  

Always turn off lights at night time where possible and safe to do so. Switch off standby equipment at the plug if it constantly draws electricity and when buying your next microwave, remember, if it has a digital clock that is always on, this can consume more power over its lifetime than the power used when cooking! Most importantly, do not leave electric heaters plugged in over night in rooms that do not need heating as these can add huge costs to your energy bill.

Want to go that extra step further, when purchasing plug in equipment ask how much power it draws in standby mode and what energy saving features it has built in.

Vampire power - the power we use but don't use!