Lent Energy Saving Tip Day 33 - #EU #Europe Doing More With Less

Fossil energy is not inexhaustible and will not remain cheap for much longer. Ireland and the EU have taken a strategic decision to look to the longer term concerns of our addiction to cheap fossil fuels. 

The EU 20-20-20 plan involves the whole EU making a 20% increase in Renewable Energy, a 20% cut in Greenhouse Gases (GHG) and 20% cut in energy consumption. From 2020 all new buildings in the EU will need to be near zero energy consumption buildings. This will make the EU the global leader in these technologies. 

Check out the EU DG Energy for details of what the EU is doing and to give you tips for savings https://ec.europa.eu/energy/index_en.htm.

Short video from EU on Energy Efficiency and its importance: