Lent Energy Saving Tip Day 32 - #Chimney

Do you have chimneys and open fireplaces in your home? 

Traditional fireplaces look great but are one of the most inefficient means of heating a room.  They also produce significant amounts of toxins and can lead to house fires if not well attended & maintained. Typically up to 80% of the heat a fire produces goes up the chimney and the air removed from the fire is replaced usually by colder outdoor air.  

To avoid this huge heat loss there are a few options which range in price but can pay themselves back over a few years.  Firstly make sure you have a dampener for the fireplace and close it when the fireplace is not in use. Look at using a reflector at the back of the fireplace to push the heat out more efficiently into the room.  You can also look to install a fireplace door which can be closed when not in use. 

Longer term, look at installing a stove or purpose built insert which restricts the rate of fuel burning and allows heat generated to be recirculated into the room. 

Short video on how to make your fireplace more efficient and eco-friendly: