Renewable Options -

Thinking of Getting your Business a Renewable Strategy

When it comes to making a business commitment to becoming energy smart there are 3 options on the table...
  1. Reduce energy waste;
  2. Improve energy efficiency;
  3. Choose renewable energy sources.
For option 3 - renewables there are a few cards your business can play.

Hydro - not really an option unless you own a river or lake!

Geothermal - expensive to drill boreholes, can be an option with a well insulated building and heat-pump.

Solar - photovoltaic (PV), concentrated solar power and solar thermal tubes/panels.  PV and solar thermal can be good options if space is available.

Tide, wave, ocean - location limited and cost prohibitive.

Wind - onshore and offshore. Can be highly cost effective but limited due to locations.

Biomass - solid biomass, biogas, bioliquids.  Options depending on fuel source availability.

Aerothermal and hydrothermal - heat-pumps can be an effective option if location and building type sufficient.