World's Fastest Meter Reading App

World's Fastest Meter Reading App Goes Live

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This week, Irish technology startup EnergyElephant, unofficially launch its new app for Apple and Android devices.  The smarter meter reader app will allow users to take meter readings over 75% faster than current system from anywhere in the world and is a whole lot simpler to use than current systems.  

The app works by using to camera on the users smart phone to take an image of the current meter reading.  This is then used by the app to submit the reading to the EnergyElephant platform.  Once the users account has been set up, this can then be forwarded onto the users supplier to ensure they only pay for what they use and avoid costly estimated bills and time consuming bill revisions. 

CEO, Joseph Borza said: "The app is helping us tackle two big problems: making it faster and easier for users to submit their meter readings and giving back detailed data on how customers are using their energy. The app does all this.  We spoke to literally hundreds of users and quickly realised submitting meter readings was just not happening.  The main reason was the difficulty in the online systems for submitting the readings.  Users were being asked for their customer account numbers, their Electricity & Gas Meter Point Reference Numbers(MPRN), the type of meter, the meter number, the meter reading and other information.  All this meant users just didn't take the time to collect meter readings or in some cases they collected them but just didn't submit them to their supplier.  We realised by developing our app, we could let our users submit their readings quite simply by just taking a photo of it. It was a real win-win situation." 

Users are now being invited to be the first innovative users across the world.  This will allow them to save time on taking their meter readings and also give them a record of their consumption.  Next for the EnergyElephant team, they hope to further integrate the system into their advanced energy analytics platform to help users identity areas of energy waste and make sure they are getting competitive market rates for their electricity and gas supplies.  They may even integrate it with water meters to allow users to estimate how much water they are consuming post the roll out of water meters across Ireland.  

EnergyElephant was founded by two former engineering students from Trinity College Dublin , Joseph Borza and Eoin O'Feargail.  The startup's mission is to reduce energy waste and promote sustainable energy use across the globe, through the power of energy data and analytics.  They do this through customised virtual energy assessments and management systems that provide actionable insights into users energy 3Cs (costs, consumption and carbon emissions).

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