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Big Data Energy Analysis Platform for Enterprise

Made with in Ireland
EnergyElephant was originally founded in 2014 by two engineering graduates from Trinity College Dublin. 
By 2015, it had already won numerous awards for its technology.  This was crowned in December 2015, by being one of only fifteen startups from across the world nominated for the world’s biggest startup competition TechCrunch Disrupt. Held in London, the team pitched in front of thousands of investors, journalists, technologists and even Sir Alex Ferguson.  In 2016, EnergyElephant continued to grow and has now analyzed tens of thousands of data sets from across the globe, with customers ranging from the very small up to the largest of multinationals. 
EnergyElephant’s mission is to organize and analyze the world’s energy data. 
Using this information, we help our users “Make Better Energy Decisions” by providing them with insights into their energy data and provide them with the tools for ongoing management.  EnergyElephant is a cloud-based software-as-a-service solution, which works for anybody with an energy bill, from small businesses, all the way up to global multinationals, and everybody in-between.
EnergyElephant extracts all the data contained in your energy bills / data sets, analyses it and turns it into useful insights.  It does this by not only analyzing the consumption data but also the cost data associated with each bill and external data such as weather and location.  


Some of our most popular features:
§  Organizational Mission Control;
§  Building-By-Building Analysis;
§  Virtual Energy Audits;
§  Cost Saving Insights;
§  Degree Day/Max Capacity (MIC) Reviews;
§  Historic Data Storage;
§  Energy Expert Support Line;
§  Monthly & Annual Reports.

Why not try our free smartphone app.  Just visit your app store and search for EnergyElephant today.
Our app helps users submit meter readings by simply taking a photo of their energy meter and can capture other energy data too.

EnergyElephant wants to help your organization make better energy decisions today.  That is why allow anyone to create a free account by visiting our create account page (https://energyelephant.com/createAccount) and uploading their energy bills/data.
Please contact us on info@energyelephant.com to arrange a site visit or courtesy call.

PS. Don’t Ignore the Energy Elephant in the Room!