How to eat an Energy Elephant

How to eat an Energy Elephant

One bite at a time...

We all want to reduce energy waste, save money and move towards the path to sustainability. So why is it taking so long.

The answer is simple, it takes a long time to eat an (energy) elephant!

We all have to start at the beginning, and the best beginning is to start with your data. From here you need to take a bite at a time to reach your energy goals.

  1. Install LED lighting where ever feasible;
  2. Improve heating controls;
  3. Improve insulation in roofs, walls, floors, windows and doors;
  4. Only install A or better rated appliances;
  5. Have a firm shut-down process for when building is empty especially over holidays;
  6. Look at installing renewable energy technologies;
  7. Look at installing energy storage technologies;
  8. Look at installing devices that reduce hot water use such as low flow taps/showers;
  9. Never, ever open windows to cool a building if the radiators are on, turn the rads off first and if that isn't enough only then open the windows.