IPMVP - Energy Analysis

IPMVP Allows Organisations to Measure & Verify Energy Savings Using an Internationally Established and Recognised Methodology.

International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (I.P.M.V.P.)

So what is IPMVP?

Simply put, the purpose of IPMVP is help increase certainty, reliability and the level of savings within the energy sector. It should also help reduce the level of management costs by providing a measurement and verification plan for your business.

What are the key benefits of IPMVP?

IPMVP helps to deliver an overview of current best practice techniques available to verify results of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. It provides a strong framework for accurate measurement and verification without being too overly prescriptive, which helps to reduce concerns about how results will be measured or verified, as IPMVP addresses this precise area.

What is the IPMVP Methodology?

IMPVP allows four options for the measurement and verification of energy savings. These are:
  • Retrofit Isolation;
  • Key Parameter Measurement;
  • Retrofit Isolation;
  • All Parameter Measurement, Whole Facility & Calibrated Simulation.

These four options give the project developer the ability to specifically tailor the measurement and verification methodology for each project’s unique requirements. To learn more, please visit us at https://energyelephant.com/