Turn Energy Data Into Valuable Business Insights

Turn Your Energy Data Into Valuable Business Insights.

Big Data = No Problem.

The problem with energy data is that it largely remains unused and unloved. 
Here in EnergyElephant we aim to change all that.
Why is it that so few businesses utilise their energy data? 
The reason is quite simple. The only person who usually uses this data is the facilities manager, and their key priority is to keep every building user happy with the right temperature and the lights on.

Bring your energy data to life!

Nobody really cares about the cost or environmental impact of 1 kilowatt of energy used. Depending on the fuel type it might cost 3/4 cents and emit a few hundred grams of CO2. But look closer and you will see just how powerful that kilowatt could be in informational terms. 

The data could tell you things like when a building was opened, or when the cleaning shift began/ended. It could tell you if the building is being used outside of core operating hours for unsanctioned events or staff use reducing insurance risk. It could even tell you if equipment is failing or if your business is busier based on customer use such as additional energy for catering or bathrooms.

The benefits of using this data stream are vast and just as important as watching cash flow or website traffic. The key people who should want access to this data include the CEO (what's happening where), CFO (how much spending and paybacks), Sustainability managers (CO2 etc), Marketing Director (telling stakeholders how your doing) and Facilities managers (when and where energy is being used).

Most large electricity users (and those with smart meters) will have access to 15 or 30 minute interval data from their supplier. It's usually just a case of asking for access to it. Get this data and start using it today to see how it can provide your business with valuable insights.