Why you should let a robot buy your energy...

Why you should let a robot buy your energy...

The future of how we do everything is changing... and that is not always a bad thing.

EnergyElephant always has one (large) elephant toe in the future, and that is were we want to bring our loyal users and followers.

Buying energy is complex and time consuming, something which plays into the hands of energy companies.  But this is about to change and change fast. We can now tell software to look at our energy bills and to shop around for the best energy prices. We can even tell it to set everything up so all you as a buyer need to do is approve and sign the contract (something we would love to automate also but it's probably best if we have some interaction with what our robotic friends are signing us up for!). It can even make sure we never fall out of contract and always get the best prices for this commodity, the biggest energy cost for any home. 

How much could this save a typical (Irish) home?
Up to €360 per year!
Over a typical 30 year mortgage, that over €10,000!

We have all heard of self driving cars, but what about the future of self buying buildings...
Buildings that assess their own energy use, shop around in the market for the best prices and maybe even change their energy consumption patterns to match pricing/renewable generation is all ahead of us.