How A BER Can Help You Buy Your Home

What Good is a BER when Buying a House in Ireland?

Did you know the BER for a building gives you the buildings actual floor area?

Did you know that a BER not only tells you how energy efficient the house you are buying is, it can reveal lots of other useful information such as the floor area, boiler type, lighting, window types and the approximate year the building was constructed.

It's easy to do. First find the BER number, this is published on all ads for properties and on the websites displaying the houses.  Next go to the SEAI BER database ( and input the BER number.  This will bring you to the dwelling details page. Here you will find information on the address, energy rating, your Meter Point Reference Number(MPRN), House type, year built, floor area, glazing type, main heating fuel and lighting type.

If you click through on the Download Advisory Report link you will find further details on ventilation, chimneys, flooring, draft stripping, roofs, walls, doors and heating system.

Happy House Hunting!!!