Lent Energy Saving Tip Day 40 - #Ironing

Who loves to do ironing... and this is not an april fools joke!
If the answer is yes, well done, but you are firmly in the minority. For those who see it as a weekly chore, lets think energy.

What's the most energy efficient way to iron your cloths? Luckily the answer is to spend as little time as possible ironing. Try to iron all your cloths in one go and avoid doing one or two shirts or skirts each day. Do not stop ironing to go do something else for a while leaving the iron switched on. It's not only inefficient, its unsafe! Finally set the iron to as low a temperature as possible to do a good job. Most cloths do not need to be steam ironed and do not need the highest temperature setting on the iron.

Want to go a bit further, remember to buy as energy efficient an iron as possible, non-iron cloths (eliminates the ironing completely!) and if you want to be a bit greener, try out EnergyElephant.com to make sure you use as much wind energy as possible in your ironing.

Little bit of ironing comedy for all the good work to date: