Electric Blanket Versus The Hot Water Bottle - Energy Challenge

Electric Blanket 


The Hot Water Bottle

So we've asked one of life's most difficult questions...

Q: Is it better to use a hot water bottle or an electric blanket?

Energy wise that is. Our EnergyElephant scientists and engineers have spent countless days working away on this essential question and here's the answer...

A: It depends! (but we lean towards an electric blanket)

On what we hear you cry!  Well it's quite simple, a typical hot water bottle has ~1.5 litres of boiled water in it, this takes approximately 0.17 kWh to heat and will typically stay warm most of the night (depending on how warm your duvet and blankets are).
A single bed electric blanket is usually rated at 60 watts, so consumes 0.06 kWh per hour when on fully (though some have reduced settings).  So typically an electric blanket left on for less than 3 hours will consume less electricity (and heat most of your bed, not just your toes!!!).  

It also means there'll be less fights over who's toes get to use the bottle first... and who has to remove the cold bottle left in the bed.  

Also, do NOT combine the two as water and electricity are not the best of bed fellows... pardon the pun ;0)