Here's one trick for saving a fortune and protecting the planet

We all want a cleaner greener planet, but can we save money at the same time?

As we see energy prices starting to rise from their recent lows, its a great time to take stock of what we spend on energy and how we can make savings by being a little greener.  The one trick to making the most of energy savings is to SHOP AROUND.  Every year you should look to see if other suppliers can provide you with cheaper electricity, gas, heating oil, wood pellets, etc. 

Now here's the important part! Use the initial savings made from changing supplier or negotiating a better rate with your current supplier to invest in energy efficiency upgrades.  The easiest to do and which pay back better than most other investments are energy efficient lighting (LEDs and CFLs), boiler controller upgrades (such as a smart thermostat) and timer plugs for plug-boards such as for tv, hi-fi, set top boxes, lighting etc.

This simple measure will not only lead to lots of easy money savings on your energy costs, it will help reduce your energy consumption and carbon emissions, helping make the planet that little bit greener and cleaner.