Using Excel to manage Energy/Carbon data?

Are You Using Excel to Manage Your Energy/Carbon Data?

The simple answer should be NO!

If you use excel to manage and report on your energy data, you are quite likely not only wasting your time, but also your business's scarce resources.

There was a time when Excel and other spreadsheet software were kings of the castle when it came to data analysis.  However, when it comes to tailored insights and databases which you want other people to use, we have all experienced the drawbacks of such systems. Missing cells, equation errors, or worse, changes that create mistakes that are not spotted until several years later, these risks can cause significant headaches and problems into the future.

The simple answer is that tailored software programmes for analysing energy data, will always win out against bespoke, hand created excel spreadsheets 99% of the time. This is because they are designed with energy/carbon data in mind, and not just the one person who runs their own database.

It is a bit like asking should I build my own home extension or should I hire a professional? Yes, you can build it yourself and reduce the initial cost, but in the long run is it worth the risk of making mistakes in the building or worse, having to hire a professional to rectify a bad job? The answer quite simply is no.

So if your current energy database is based on a self built excel spreadsheet, you should really visit or a similar provider today.