Do new Gas Meters Make Sense? #Gas #Ireland

They call it "Your free meter upgrade from Bord Gáis Networks" but is it free?

BGN have recently started to upgrade gas meters across Ireland.  Their brochure states that this is free but is it?
As well all know it is very rare if ever we get something for nothing and judging by the large recent increases in gas bills it is quite apparent that these "free" meters are anything but free!

It is a shame that BGN have taken this route in communicating to their customer base.  Yes, there is no up front cost to the installation but there IS a cost.  Typically the old analogue meters would cost approximately €100 plus installation charge which could mean a total cost of over €200. Add to this the cost of the newer meters being installed and it can be safe to say we are all paying for these upgrades through our standing charges.

We welcome the need to upgrade to smart meters and the benefits this brings but currently there is no apparent difference between these meters and what we, the customers, get from our existing meters.  So why change something that ain't fixed, especially when times are so tough economically for most of us out there?  It's a question we recommend you ask your supplier, the Commission for Energy Regulation and possibly your local politician next time they call.

See here for BGN's information: