Lent Energy Saving Tip Day 30 - #Cooking

Do you cook regularly at home? Cooking can contribute significantly to your energy bills so try do it in the most energy efficient manner possible... this can mean healthier food too.

Microwaving food can be more energy efficient than boiling or using the oven. When you are boiling them, heat only as much water as necessary and boil it in a kettle before placing on the hob. Make sure the hob is the correct size for the pot and turn off as soon as it is cooked. Better yet, reuse the boiled water to cook other meal items.  For example after potatoes are cooked and removed, add your peas or veg to the pot to cook in the already boiling water. Try to use your oven sparingly and remember it will heat your room as it cooks as heat escapes out of it so avoid using on very hot days.

Want to go further... try using your microwave or electric cooker when the Smart Energy traffic light on EnergyElephant.com is GREEN

2 Minute video on basic energy efficient cooking: