Every Kilowatt Has A Story To Tell...

Every Kilowatt Of Energy Tells A Story

The life of a kilowatt is quite interesting and one most of us have never even considered. 

From it's beginning as:

  • a nuclear reaction in the sun, 
  • emitted as light by the sun, 
  • travelling across space to earth, 
  • being converted into a tree, 
  • then eaten by a dinosaur, 
  • then by a bigger dinosaur, 
  • then an even bigger dinosaur, 
  • then trapped in a swamp, 
  • then stored for millions of years as oil, 
  • then released by an oil rig, 
  • travelling in an oil tanker to a refinery, 
  • then travelling to a power station, 
  • converted into electricity, 
  • travelling along high voltage power lines, 
  • through a transformer, 
  • into your home/business, 
  • into your socket, 
  • into your iPhone/smart phone 
  • and gives you a few hours usage on your Facebook page or YouTube account.

"The interesting part of the journey for EnergyElephant, is the last leg of the journey. " 

Does the kilowatt power your alarm clock, charge your phone, cook your breakfast, power your shower, heat your coffee, charge your electric car, light your sitting room, power your alarm system, charge your laptop, power your wifi, power your television, cook your dinner, power your lawnmower, wash your clothes, dry your clothes, wash your dishes, iron your clothes, power your vacuum, light your kitchen, power your PC, light your bedroom, heat your hot water ,pumps your heating system or heats your home. 

Every kilowatt is precious and should not be wasted. That's why energy efficiency is so important. 

"EnergyElephant wants to help you tell your energy story."

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