Lent Energy Saving Tip Day 29 - #Purchasing Savings in Energy

Do you consider the energy costs when making a purchase? 
If you are buying anything with a plug or battery consider how much it will cost over its lifetime. For example, an electric fan heater (~2kW) may only cost €20 to initially buy, but used for 3 hours a day, could typically cost over €200 a year in electricity costs. That is 1,000% more than the initial cost and that is only for one year. 

Look for goods that do not need a lot of energy such as A rated/Energy star appliances, fuel efficient motors,  non iron shirts, cloths that can be washed at low temperatures, low energy lighting and ICT (computers and servers) that switch off automatically when not in use. Avoid plug in heaters where possible. These can add significantly to your energy bills and are  generally difficult to control.

Energy Star: