Lent Energy Saving Tip Day 38 - #Car #Fuel #petrol Savings

How much do you spend on refuelling your car every week? Do you worry about the increasing price of fuel?

Whether you use petrol or diesel, the price of fuels has increased significantly over the past few years and looks set to remain high and rising in the longer term. 

If you want to cut back on your petrol/diesel costs there are a few simple measures which can help you. 

  • Avoid fast acceleration and braking, this wastes energy unless you have a hybrid with regenerative braking.  
  • Don't drive too fast, driving at 90km/hr is far more efficient than driving at 110km/hr.
  • Avoid putting extra weight in the car by emptying the boot when not needed and remove roof racks as these significantly increase fuel consumption at high speeds.
  • Fill up when you are less than 1/4 full and find the cheapest prices, don't wait until you have to fill up as you cannot wait until you see a cheap price.
  • Avoid using Air Conditioning and check your tyre pressure every few months.
  • Fill up early in the morning as the warmer the fuel becomes, the less dense the energy content is in it.
  • Avoid biofuels. This may seem counter intuitive but the energy content per litre of biofuels is significantly less than that of petrol or diesel so if price is an issue, avoid it.
  • When buying a new car, make sure it is as fuel efficient as possible. 

Here's a list of simple to use tips to reduce energy consumption: