Top 3 Secrets to Kill Your Energy Costs

Kill Energy Costs

The Top 3 Tips Your Energy Supplier Doesn't Want You To Know!

Every month or so, especially at Christmas time, we have the horrible experience of the winter energy bill. Now that the Christmas cheers has well and truly run its course, now is the time to tackle those horrible energy bills before they do any more damage to our wallets.

To get started, use these top 3 secrets for reducing your energy bills:

  • NEGOTIATE (or SWITCH): Even if you are too lazy/tired to shop around for a new energy supplier, it is always worth negotiating with your current supplier. Remember, its twice as hard for them to get a new customer as it is to retain one so the ball is in your court. Don't always accept the first offer and always let them know you are shopping around so they will be price competitive.
  • ITS THE ECO(NOMY) STUPID: Most devices now have Eco settings, be it cars, TVs, games consols, set top boxes or air conditioners. But did you know devices many come with ECO settings disabled so it is up to you to check if the feature is enables. Make sure all your screens, cars and heating systems have the ECO setting enabled to take full advantage of the economy savings.
  • MONITOR & MANAGE: If you don't measure it, you can't manage it as the old corporate saying goes. These days we can monitor and measure everything. From internal temperatures to minute-by-minute electricity use, from locations in California to Dublin, we can pretty much monitor everything. So now we have the monitoring covered it is still good sense to review your data regularly, whether that be 5 minutes once a month or a few hours each week, good management starts with regular reviews of the data and insights derived from this.
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