Lent Energy Saving Tip Day 31 - #Water

Did you know your water use can have a significant impact on your energy bills and further back up the pipeline there are significant amounts of energy used to clean, treat, store and deliver the water to your home and business. 

Start in the areas that consume most water such as bathrooms and toilets.  Make sure all shower heads are low flow and where possible have auto shut off features. Avoid scalding hot showers as more energy is required to heat this and don't leave the shower running if its not in use. Make sure toilets are dual flush and add an old bottle filled and sealed with sand to reduce the cistern volume. Add aerators to taps and only run the tap when needed i.e. avoid constant running taps when brushing your teeth by filling a cup with water. Remember bad habits die hard!

In the kitchen only use water efficient devices such as low water consuming washing machines, dishwashers and taps.

Finally, large amounts of water can be wasted outdoors.  Try to have your car cleaned by waterless car washes and avoid using hoses where possible. Only water plants when necessary and better still use plants which are water tolerant and do not require significant amounts of water.