Do You Shop For Energy?

Everyone Buys Energy In One Form Or Another.

But few of us get good value. Why is that?

There are two certainties in life, death and taxes. 
Actually we might add a third to these: Confusing Energy Bills.  

We have nearly all experienced at some point the energy bill shock.  The bill that when it arrives seems to suck money out of you or your business' bank account when you least expect it.  There are simple ways to avoid this, but it does involve a little bit of commitment and organisation on your part. 

The first step is to always, ALWAYS stay on a contract plan, not a default tariff.  This can sound easier said than done. Our software displays when your contract is up for renewal. It also can send you a reminder to warn you when it is approaching.

Next up it to get at least three quotes. This is just good business sense, to see if you are getting good value for your money.  We can do this for our pro users saving them the headache of ringing up or searching online to compare tariffs across different suppliers. 

Finally, reduce or eliminate estimated bills.  Many of us pay our bills no questions asked, but it's always important to check that the meter reading is at most a month old. Any more than this and you risk either paying for energy you haven't yet used, or worse still, underpaying and eventually getting that massive adjusted bill that you may struggle to pay. 

Following these simple tips will help you take control of your energy costs. You could also try our free software to do all this for you: