Expert's Choice Award for Energy Elephant

EnergyElephant Distinguished With 2016 Industry Awards From FinancesOnline

Just recently, EnergyElephant has been featured on a well-known SaaS directory and business software review platform FinancesOnline. We are certain that their detailed and very positive review of EnergyElephant will motivate even more users to try out our product. We are really pleased with the positive review of our service and very proud to have been distinguished with two of FinancesOnline prestigious SaaS awards!

EnergyElephant was distinguished for its efficiency and excellent quality with the Experts’ Choice Award for 2016 for their accounting & finance category, a popular recognition for effective satisfaction of B2B and SaaS market needs, and a 2016 Rising Star Award, usually given to promising apps that focus on obtaining outstanding traction with their customers in a given year.

Both awards were delivered by a team of Saas and B2B experts, who appreciated our product’s simplicity, in particular the fact that it doesn’t require installation of expensive hardware/software to track energy consumption. They were especially fond of our detailed interval data, as well as the opportunity for end-users to consult consumption history to forecast future expenses. Apparently, this was equally beneficial for both small businesses and large enterprises.

Our development team appreciates the fact that the hard work was highlighted with expert recognition, and feels very proud to have won these awards. Driven by such success, we promise to deliver even more automation on key energy data points where action is required.