Ireland's petrol and diesel biofuel content is now 6%

Since 1st January 2013, the biofuel obligation rate in Ireland is now 6% (or 6.383 litres per 100 litres of fossil fuel).

Following consultation with stakeholders, pursuant to Section 44D of the National Oil Reserves Agency (as amended), the Minister signed the National Oil Reserves Agency Act 2007 (Biofuel Obligation Rate) Order 2012 to increase the rate of biofuel obligation from 4% by volume to 6% by volume (or 6.383 per cent by reference to petroleum products) from 1 January 2013.

This equates to a 50% increase in the biofuel content of transport fuels in Ireland by volume.  It will also lead to a decrease in the kilometres per litre vehicles will be able to travel due to the lower energy content of biofuels.

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