Smeterr - The Smarter Meter Reader

How Do You Take Your Meter Reading?

Did you know that there are over 2 billion electricity and gas meters on the planet.   Over 99% of these are not Smart.

We change all that!

When it comes to collecting meter data, technology has not changed all that much in the past hundred years! A person calls in (not so often) and punches the reading into a key pad that updates the supplier so you can be billed accurately.

But these readings could be mid-month, or outside your busy season so not really that relevant.  You can often submit additional readings yourself but to be honest, you'd sometimes need a degree in rocket science to work out how to do it with some of the suppliers. 

The Energy Elephant App (provisionally called SMETERR, for now) changes all that.  All you do is point, shoot and upload.  It really is that simple. 
So open the app, take a (readable) photo of your meter reading, and submit.  Done!

You'll get an email with all your data and if you'd like we can submit it to your supplier to make sure your bills remain accurate!

If you'd like to know more, follow our tweets for details.

Oh, and we'll help you reduce your Carbon footprint too!!!   Save time, money and the environment? Now that's a smart idea!