Where is the world's energy data?

Where is the world's energy data?

The world consumes over 10,000 million tonnes of oil equivalent each year (that is 195,714,285 barrels each day)... 

but where is your DATA behind this?

Each person on the planet uses over 4 litres of oil equivalent energy every single day. That adds up to an awful lot of energy (and by proxy data).

This information is broken down into:
  • Power (electricity);
  • Thermal fuel (gas, oil, coal, solid fuels, biomass);
  • Transport fuels (petrol, diesel, jet fuels, marine diesel and biofuels).
Most of this data is contained in our electricity bills, our gas/oil/solid fuel bills, our gasoline/petrol/diesel bills and our travel bills (such as flights/taxis/trains/hire cars).  That is why EnergyElephant allows anyone in the world to simply drag and drop their bill into their EnergyElephant account to see how much they spend, what energy they use and their carbon impact.

Our mission for energy data is to help:

  1. Create it (where it is unavailable or not granular enough);
  2. Collect it (help to capture and transmit it);
  3. Store it (so you always have access to it and can share it);
  4. Analyse it (highlight opportunities, monitor results and to manage energy);
  5. Act on it (take actions to help reduce costs or improve sustainability).

So if you think you might like to join us on our journey, please do visit us or search for the EnergyElephant in the room 😉