Your Competitors are managing their energy... Why aren't you??

Your business monitors it's website data... so why doesn't it do the same for energy?

We all know data is the new oil, and when it comes to website data we're bombarded with huge quantities of data that allow us discover some very useful insights...

So why don't businesses do the same with their energy data?

It's simple, they either don't know how valuable the data is or they find it too time consuming and difficult to do anything with it.  While services such as Google analytics and Mixpanel allow users to rapidly assess their web data, energy data remains largely in the stone ages.

This is why EnergyElephant ( is focused on this problem. We make sense of electricity, thermal fuel and transport fuel data... QUICKLY! We work with BIG little data (as we like to call it). 

If your business has not run energy analytics over its data, the question you should be asking is why not?