Top 5 Tips to Cool Your Office...

Top 5 Tips To Keep Your Office Cool.

The summer sun has arrived 🔥🔥🔥

and with it the uncomfortable temperatures we all have to face in our offices and work places.

But it doesn't have to be this way...

Tip 1:
Turn off the heating! Yes, it goes without saying that some people still have their heating on a minimum cycle but this is pure wasted energy.

Tip 2:
Turn off your computer screen when it is not being used. I.e. Don't let it go to screen saver mode. A screen in screen saver mode can emit as much heat as when it is fully being used!

Tip 3:
Keep the windows and doors open.  Any kind of fresh air movement will help remove heat and bring a bit of cooler air in.

Tip 4:
Some office plants... Some office plants can release moisture into the air as temperatures increase, bring temperatures down to more comfortable levels.

Tip 5:
Turn off the lights (if you can work with natural day light).  Office lights can be the single biggest source of heat in some rooms and keeping them off, even over lunch when no one is in, will make a big difference to keeping the temperatures lower.