Energy Data Overload

Energy Information Overload?

It's the defining problem of our age.

We're all drowning in data, in particular energy data. 

The amounts of energy data we are all managing is growing and is only getting bigger with the roll out of IoT and smart meters. We're no longer getting 5 or 6 meter readings a year. Now, we get over 35,000 meter readings with quarter hourly data and in the not so distant future, second-by-second data giving 31.5 million data points per year.

This is exponential growth... and it is only going to get worse! 

That's why we created EnergyElephant. We want to help people get the real value from their energy data, not drown in it. 

Users simply upload or link their data and our platform finds the key insights to share back to them.  We do this instantly and without any difficult processes.
  • No more complex spreadsheets. 
  • No more time wasted trying to chart data. 
Just instant insights to help you get your energy projects done.
If you would be interested in knowing more, please don't ignore the Elephant in the room!