Energy confusion?

Watts Going On???

Do you ever feel like your energy bills are trying to tell you something but you just can't work out what?

Energy bills are confusing, almost anyone would agree.

Most of us who get them are not energy experts and so all we really see is how much we need to pay. However, your average energy bill (for electricity or gas) actually contains a whole host of data which can help you reduce your costs, usage and even your environmental impact.

EnergyElephant helps solve this problem quickly and easily. Anyone can upload their energy bill to our platform and get an initial energy analysis FOR FREE!

Here are just a few of the things to look out for that our system can help you with:

  • Shop around. The market rates for energy prices vary widely.
  • Don't fall into default rates. These are typically over 10% higher than if you've shopped around. Suppliers will negotiate to prevent them losing customers.
  • Don't over heat. When temperatures rise, turn down the heating or better yet turn off radiators that aren't needed. 
  • Don't get estimated bills: Use our app to take accurate meter readings every month or use your supplier login to submit accurate meter readings. We've seen some sites where bills are estimated for over a year!
  • 24 versus Day/Night? If you use a lot of electricity (25%) at night between 12am and 8am you might save money by having night rates. Be warned your day rate cost per unit will increase as will your standing charge so only change if you are a heavy night user (storage heaters, driers, washing machines, hot water immersion etc on timers).
  • Use gas/heating oil over electricity where possible and safe. Gas is typically over 60% cheaper per unit than electricity, so it goes without saying it is better to use this to heat your building.
  • Invest in LED lighting. It will not only save you on energy bills but they should last long enough that you probably will never have to change a light bulb ever again!