Investors Overview

Have you looked at investing in a smarter future?


We believe that the next data revolution is just beginning and global disruption is imminent.

For thousands of years libraries have been the main storage solution for the world’s information. Then came computers which allowed even more data to be processed and created. Next up came the world wide web and linking information across the globe. Most recently the explosion in the use of smart phones has lead to even more intense levels of data on people and businesses.

We believe the next data revolution is just beginning and centres around data on energy usage via smart meters and IoT devices. This data will not only influence energy costs but also improve our understanding of what is happening within homes, vehicles and businesses across the globe.

EnergyElephant aims to be at the vanguard of this data revolution by collecting, organising and analysing the worlds energy data, from multi-annual usage down to minute-by-minute usage. We believe these challenges offer a historic opportunity for organistions with smart analytics technologies and unencumbered with legacy Utility investments to lead the next data revolution.

Events and Presentations

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