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Minimum 50 meter / data points

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Detailed meter point analysis

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Single area / city coverage

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Bronze level support

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Unlimited* meter / data points (buildings, vehicles & assets)

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Cover buildings, vehicles, assets & Scope 3

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Interval & historic data addition

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Multiple countries and currencies

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Single buildings & professionals

We also have offerings suitable for managers of single buildings and energy professionals; as well as discounts for charities and educational purposes. Get in touch for details.

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Support plans explained

Gold medal

Our Gold Support Plan is available to Enterprise customers. It is adapted according to their requirements and defined in the SLA.

Silver medal

The Silver Support Plan guarantees responses to support tickets within 24 hours as well as periodic reviews with our sustainability experts to identify potential improvements that you might make to improve your data capture, analysis and reporting.

Bronze medal

Bronze Support Plan provides technical support via email with support tickets receiving a response within 3 days.

Optional add-ons

From $49 per month

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Automatically retrieve bills and data from your suppliers for validation and analysis within EnergyElephant.

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Water module

Water bill data and meter reading collection and reporting across multiple sites and locations.

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Waste module

Waste data collection, disposal routes and reporting across multiple sites and locations.

Realtime energy, water, and environmental monitoring
Realtime module

Monitor changes across your organisation as they happen with live sensor data. Integrate existing devices or have us manage the installation of new hardware across your facilities.

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Scope 3 module

Scope 3 emissions tracking and reporting including flights, staff travel, commuting, cloud usage, waste, water and supply chain sources.

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Premium support

Training and expert support for your team. Monthly, quarterly or annual deep-dive reviews.

Get in touch for more information on our range of modules and how they can support your workflow.

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Feature description Small Medium Enterprise
Automated energy reporting & carbon accounting (Scope 1, 2 & 3)
Custom emissions database & real-time grid emission factors*
Set & model internal / external carbon prices
Data driven emissions reduction plans & targets
Sustainability & staff behaviour awareness tools
All-in-one energy, carbon, waste & water management system
Scope 3 emissions (flights, data centre, travel, supply chain)
Certification, verification & sustainability reporting support
Multi-country, multi-currency tracking & reporting

Feature description Small Medium Enterprise
Automated instant insights across energy, waste, water & carbon
Track and monitor energy use ( i.e. for ISO 50001)
Automated updates via meter reading app
Benchmark against a range of data sources
Degree day & other regression analysis
Detailed interval data analysis & real-time sensor data
Handle data from multiple countries and currencies
Track vehicle & fuel card data (machinery and vehicles)
Monthly / quarterly update reports

Feature description Small Medium Enterprise
5 year energy budget forecast
Bill review & approval system
Identification of dormant and micro accounts for removal
Easy data export and user access permissions
Identify unnecessary charges and penalties
Measure, track and verify energy and carbon reduction projects
Set carbon tax/price modeling
Eliminate bill estimates & bill reissues via meter reading app
Energy investment decision support

Feature description Small Medium Enterprise
Automated bill validation
Forecasted energy spend
Energy / water tariff analysis
Improved bill accuracy (app)
Implementation support
Contract and tariff management
Custom price comparison features
Multi-currency tracking & reporting

Top questions about our pricing

Our definition of a meter point covers electricity, natural gas and water meters, fuel delivery points (usually one per buildings) and other sensor / submeter points.

We also count each individual vehicle as a meter point, where these are tracked. For multiple smaller meters or unmetered supplies, we typically bundle these up into grouped meter points to ensure it is cost effective to have all your meter points in one location.

Yes. We usually invoice annually in advance but we can invoice quarterly once a purchase order (PO) for the annual contract value is in place.

Nope! We typically encourage having a few user logins on your EnergyElephant account and this is unlimited (within reason).

In the interest of security, it is important that you give your personnel the correct permission-levels for accessing your EnergyElephant account and also delete users when they no longer require access to your account.

*Please note that our fair usage policy applies to those plans offering unlimited seats.

Yes. We allow as much historical data to be added to any EnergyElephant account (within reason).

In fact, we can also provide free transition support to help move your organization from an existing legacy system over to EnergyElephant quickly and seamlessly with our expert customer support team.

Of course. We want to support any community wanting to move towards a more sustainable future. If you are a charity or not-for-profit and require a discount, please just get in touch with our sales team.

Yes. Simply contact our support team, explain your procurement process and we will be happy to share our template guide to help you define your requirements.