Smart Cities = New Jobs!

Smart Cities To Create Thousands Of New Well Paid Jobs. have just been announced as finalist of 4YFN Smart City Expo Awards in Barcelona. 

Software is eating the world... 

We have all heard it before, but now smart city technologies to make all our lives easier and more affordable are set to explode.  From self driving cars to smart street lights, the urban environment is set for massive disruption.  This will create massive opportunities for new technologies and new business models, and is exactly where EnergyElephant seeks to operate.  

Thousands of jobs will be created from these revolutionary technology changes as well as creating more time for people to pursue their hearts desires. Why spend time trailing through spreadsheets when software can do it for you. That is exactly what EnergyElephant does for energy data. Users simply upload their energy bills (electricity, thermal fuels and transport fuels) from anywhere in the world and they get back their energy data organised and analysed for savings.

The 4YFN awards will globally expose emerging companies that have created high impact mobile solutions to enhance the well-being of citizens in their urban environments.  EnergyElephant are now set to pitch head-to-head with companies from Belgium, Estonia, Finland and Spain.  Bring it on!

If you are attending the Smart City Expo taking place on 15-17 November 2016 in Barcelona, please reach out to us for a coffee.