Our 4-Gets process

How it works

At EnergyElephant we combine simple to use software with our easy to follow "4 Gets" process, to help you improve sustainability, reduce costs and save time.

See below how an Elephant never 4Gets.

Friendly A.I. automation robot
Automated Data Collection

You don’t want to spend your time checking if people have uploaded the latest data, which is why we have automated the whole process.

Data is automatically retrieved by EnergyElephant from smart meters and sensors, supplier portals, business intelligence systems and APIs.

Bill stamped as paid by accounts
Bill Processing & Validation

EnergyElephant processes data out of bills so that you don’t have to. Automated systems also validate the data to detect issues and anomalies, flagging estimated bills and letting you know when there is something you should investigate.

As well as common-sense checks against expected consumption and cost, bills are also validated against local regulatory and tax data.

Data processing pipeline
Data cleaning & standardisation

EnergyElephant’s data analytics pipeline applies a rigorous cleaning and standardisation to inbound data before centralising it in custom cloud databases.

This means that no matter which company is your current provider of energy, water or other services, your data is easily and always accessible and in formats that enable comparison and align with key reporting requirements.

List of K.P.I.s for improving sustainability
Improve sustainability across energy, waste, water & carbon

No matter the size of your organisation, it’s important to be able to see how each asset is performing and to quickly identify those using significant levels of resources so that they can be targeted with efficiency improvements.

EnergyElephant provides that universal picture as well as enabling you to dive down to the specific meters and sensors deployed on an asset, to see exactly what they are doing.

Wallet bulging with cash from cost savings
Reduce costs and identify opportunities

For any organization, getting a return on investment (RoI) from projects is essential. As energy and carbon costs increase and become more volatile, it is essential businesses and organizations check every area for saving opportunities.

EnergyElephant helps by highlighting cost saving opportunities, tracking unit rates/contract periods, identifying zero usage meters and penalty charges, showing wastage patterns and helping purchasing/procurement teams.

Combined line and bar chart tracking progress against a baseline
Budgets, Benchmarks, Baselines & Projections

EnergyElephant helps you create your energy tracking baselines and benchmarks you against peers and best in class.

The platform also provides monitoring and verification (M&V) tools to track performance against benchmarks and your own internal targets over time.

Astronaut planting a flag on the moon
Small steps & giant leaps

For each building, vehicle or other asset in your organisation, EnergyElephant identifies and recommends project opportunities that will help improve sustainability with measurable results.

As well as identifying the opportunities, EnergyElephant’s custom analytics tools provide the means to assessing which projects should be prioritised and their performance against organisational targets.

Ideas, opportunities and projects
Develop A Smart Opportunity Register

One of the first steps for any organization in creating a climate action plan is to highlight the projects completed and those considered but not yet done. It is also important to think of both short term and longer term projects.

EnergyElephant’s smart opportunity register helps in two ways.

  1. It helps identify projects which should be assessed for their effectiveness and payback.
  2. It tracks the current status of projects considered, completed or rejected.

Sorting data into appropriate groups
Divisions, Personal Collections & Realtime Emissions

Assigning ownership and responsibility for actions and assets can be difficult, especially in larger organizations with multiple assets, buildings and staff. Using the most accurate carbon emissions for science based targets can also be confusing.

EnergyElephant structures data into groups call Divisions, which should reflect an organization’s structure across business units. Owners can then be assigned to specific Divisions. It also allow a high degree of flexibility by allowing users create personal collections for once off analysis or unusual data groupings as well as use real time grid emission factors or other reporting. frameworks where required.

Arrow hitting a target bullseye
Set and track targets

Setting targets can help focus efforts within your organisation on improving efficiency and trigger positive changes in practice and process.

Set energy efficiency, carbon reduction and sustainability targets across your organisation and assets, with baselines calculated against your historic performance and progress tracked in realtime.

Moving fast and getting more done
Act quickly to resolve issues

Sometimes it is the small things that end up leading to the biggest improvements or costs. Getting data and acting on it in a timely manner is essential for good management.

EnergyElephant focuses on getting these insights to users quickly and effectively, whether it be a meter point falling out of contract with a supplier, through to an unusual pattern of usage based on meter readings/sensors.

High-five between team-mates
Keep teams motivated and up to speed

Great teams need great tools. Green teams, facility team and C suite managers all want fast, effective, simple to use tools.

Giving teams access to EnergyElephant gives them a motivational tool as well as a deep corporate knowledge base to build and learn from today and into the future.

Flowchart mapping data inputs to EnergyElephant system processes and outputs
Time-saving features and intelligent tools
Save time
Automated Data Processing

Data is extracted automatically, and immediately available for analysis. This saves time, and avoids tedious and error prone data entry.

Bill Validation

EnergyElephant’s automated bill validation detects a wide range of bill issues. Each bill is validated both in isolation, and in conjunction with other data, such as other Bills for the same Meter Point & Interval Data where available. As well as self contained validation, bills are also validated against known regulatory and tax data.

Instant Energy Insights

EnergyElephant can provide instant energy audits and assessments, with insights proven to reduce costs & consumption.

Wallet bulging with cash from cost savings
Reduce costs
Find cheaper suppliers

EnergyElephant checks your unit rates against competitive rates in the market based on your actual usage.

Fuel switching

EnergyElephant can show you which energy sources are cheaper to use such as night rate electricity versus gas.

Avoid losing discounts

EnergyElephant checks to see how long your discounts last and when its time to switch or renegotiate your contract.

Shielded, secure digital infrastructure
Easy & Safe
All Your Data Accessible Always

EnergyElephant keeps all your energy data save and secure in the cloud, meaning you’ll always have access when you need it.

Supplier Agnostic

With EnergyElephant you can change your supplier whenever you want, safe in the knowledge your energy data’s secure and accessible.

100% Transparent

Generally energy bills are difficult to understand. We cut through the data and turn it into useful, understandable information.

Warning sign, risk ahead
Manage risk
Supplier choice

Choosing the right energy supplier is hard. We make it easy by showing you how much you can save based on your usage.

Renewable energy

Will that solar panel really save you money or should you go with a biomass boiler? We put the key information at your fingertips.

Energy upgrades

Whether it’s insulation or boiler control upgrades, you'll see the before and after effects of your investment decisions.

Be sustainable to save the planet
Carbon footprint

We show you your carbon footprint based on your actual energy use and the grid associated emissions at the time of use.

Renewable energy

Should you invest in renewables? We can help you identify which renewables might be most effective for you.

Resource use

Reducing the use of non-renewable sources of energy is critical to the transition to a low carbon economy.

Making smart decisions based on excellent data analytics
Smart Decisions
Staff engagement

Educating staff on how to use energy more efficiently & reduce waste is one of the hardest but most worthwhile measures.

Benchmarking & baselines

We help create your energy tracking baselines and benchmark you against peers and best in class.

Monitoring & Verification (M&V)

M&V is critical if results of energy upgrades, storage (such as Tesla Powerwall) and renewable deployment are to pay off.

How it works

People using EnergyElephant often tell us they were amazed by how quickly they saw positive results. Get a sense of how the magic happens through our short, one minute explainer video.

If that's not enough, you can see more detailed information here.

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Facility Manager Features

One key mantra of any management system is “if it’s not measured, it’s not managed”.

EnergyElephant measures all your energy use and displays it in easy to use and understand graphs so you don’t need to muck around in spreadsheets or difficult to use online tools any more.

  • Track & Visualise
  • Quarterly Reports
  • Annual Audits
  • Peer Comparison
  • Detailed Interval Data
  • Import Historic Data
Screenshot of EnergyElephant overview dashboard
Screenshot of EnergyElephant financial reporting dashboard

Purchasing Team Features

Making decisions on who should supply your electricity or gas should be easy. EnergyElephant makes your energy costs transparent and easy to understand, giving you budget certainty.

  • Energy Tariff Analysis
  • Spend Forecast
  • Help Selecting Tariffs
  • Improve Bill Accuracy
  • Full Training & Support

Financial Controller Features

Accounting for your business’s energy costs is getting more difficult and making investment decisions more risky. Get the inside track on your energy data and ROI for renewable and energy efficiency projects.

  • Budget Planner
  • One Central Location
  • Identify Dormant Accounts
  • Support for ROI
  • Asset Performance Monitoring
  • Reduce Excess Cost
Screenshot of EnergyElephant bill management system
Screenshot of EnergyElephant carbon emissions reporting dashboard

Sustainability & CSR Manager Features

Businesses are coming under increased pressure to show how they tackle sustainability and environmental impacts. Making the transition to becoming Low Carbon is critical to this journey.

  • GHG Tracking
  • Strategic Overviews
  • Carbon Footprint
  • CSR Reporting
  • Validation of Results
  • Best in Class