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Quickly create an energy database from existing bills, spreadsheets and meter readings


View organization wide-dashboards, drill down to a specific building or analyze any grouping of data easily


Automatically identify problems, understand usage across your portfolio and act on savings opportunities


Automated Data Processing

Save time by automating all your energy data processing and management. Energy Elephant uses proprietary technology to consume the energy data that you already have.

Identify Cost Saving Opportunities

Consolidating your energy data into one place provides clear oversight of your usage. This allows for cost saving opportunities to be easily identified and projects to be validated.

Carbon Emissions Reporting

Up to date carbon and GHG reporting on all energy usage, including Scope 3 Data.

Bill Validation and Forecasting

Automatically identify any billing or contract issues. Using past trends to estimate future energy costs is invaluable for budgetary planning.

Ideal for

Large Enterprises

University Campuses


Shopping Malls

Manufacturing Plants

Government Agencies


Retail Stores




”We never knew it could be so simple to reduce our energy costs, consumption and carbon emissions. Our only regret is not trying it out sooner!”

Derek Butler

CEO at Grid Finance

”Savings made simple. It only took 5 minutes for us to find electricity and gas savings that would have taken us days to identify.  It was like having our own personal energy expert in the cloud.”

Siobhan Carroll

Engineering Consultant

“Energy Elephant has helped us manage and reduce our energy costs significantly over the past year. We used 25% less electricity after one year of using the platform. ”

Ifty Finn

Waterways Ireland Manager

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