#Irish #Biofuel content to increase to 6% in 2013. #Energy #Petrol #Diesel

6% Biofuel Blend Imminent for Ireland. 

Irish biofuel bend rate is currently 4% but is to rise to 6% on 1st January 2013, a 50% increase in the quantity of biofuel in the standard fuel mix used in vehicles across Ireland.  Is this sustainable or will it just mean increased fuel prices for hard stretched motorists? The Minister for Energy (Mr Pat Rabbitte) proposes increasing the rate from 1st January 2013.

As can be seen below, a litre of biofuel (ethanol and biodiesel) has considerably less energy content than its fossil fuel alternative and while we do not advocate the use of fossil fuels, we do not support alternatives that may significantly damage the economy or be unsustainable. Especially when technologies such as Electric Vehicles are significantly superior.

On carbon reductions, biofuels do not offset 100% of their emissions due to numerous factors.
Some typical default greenhouse gas emission saving listed in EU Energy Directives include:

  • Wheat ethanol (N Gas process fuel in conventional boiler) - 34% reduction
  • Rape seed biodiesel - 38% reduction
  • Soybean biodiesel - 31% reduction

And this is before we even consider the fuel verses food debate.

The scheme is being administered by the National Oil Reserves Agency (NORA) and if you would like to submit a comment to the Department, please send it to Biofuel.Obligation@dcenr.ie

Further details can be found here:

EU Directive: