Internet of things... for energy.

What is the internet of things?

The internet of things is coming... should we run scared or welcome it with open arms?  

Every year we notice more and more devices are becoming web accessible.  First it was our mobile phones, then it was our homes through systems such as Nest (smart home thermostat) and coming soon it will be our cars.

So how disruptive will this technology shift be for energy systems and markets.  The answer quite simply is VERY!

Gone will be the days of leaving the immersion on by mistake, as will leaving the heating on when we are away from the home on business or pleasure.  It may even eventually be smart enough to heat individual rooms depending on when we are in them instead of heating the whole house (though if the houses are properly insulated to current guidelines, it will not make too much difference it we heat it all or only some).  

All lighting will be energy efficient and smart controls will mean we will not be tied to one particular colour of light.  Already LED technology has moved on from the ghostly white light most people do not want to see in their homes (this colour is actually very similar to day light but it turns out we prefer a warmer candle light colour indoors).  In future most LEDs will be able to display a range of colours turning our kitchens into disco halls, should we ever want to do so.  

The efficiency of devices is developing all the time.  The same energy used to power one PC can now power several tablets, smartphones and laptops.  Storage devices will also improve so batteries to store energy in our homes (and cars, they will be electric don't forget) will become widespread and will lead to a smarter grid capable of doing more with less.

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