Make your business energy Smart!

Should You Let A Robot Buy Your Energy?

Most people struggle to understand, let alone act on their energy bills. That is why energy bills end up way down the list of priorities for most businesses. But that could all be about to change.

Robots, and more accurately software, is allowing lots of tasks and jobs that we normally associate with people to become automated. From self driving cars to trading shares, computers are time and again being found to be better than their human counterparts. 

"So should you let a computer buy your energy?"
Weigh up the pros and cons. 

If a computer managed your energy it would always make sure you are on the best tariff and prices. You wouldn't need to worry about switching supplier or entering bank account numbers etc. Your computer would do this for you each year. It could even (with permissions) sign your contracts so you could sit back, relax and know your energy management is covered.

Now the final questions is, do we want a robot to do this for us?
Only time will tell.