Energy saving services by EnergyElephant

Energy Saving Services

Here are a list of the energy services we can provide businesses across the UK and Ireland.
  • Energy Analytics - Do you adjust your energy consumption for degree day data?  Do you account for seasonality factors in your energy usage?  Many businesses have yet to carry out detailed energy audits on their consumption and its impact on their carbon footprint.  
  • Invoice validation - Energy supplier errors in bills can often go unnoticed and unresolved, particularly if regular reviews are not carried out.  Errors we have identified include incorrect meter readings stated as actual when in fact they were estimated, incorrect MIC breach levies, incorrect unit rates applied, discounts not fully implemented.
  • Demand Side Management (DSM) - DSM is expected to remain a key operational service to maintain electricity and gas system security in Ireland and the UK. A number of peak demand reduction programmes currently exist to reduce demand, particularly during the peak periods and tight capacity margins. Some of the main schemes are as follows:
    • Demand Side Units
    • Winter Peak Demand Reduction Scheme (WPDRS)
    • Powersave
    • Short Term Active Response (STAR)
  • Virtual Energy Audit - Energy audits without any interference to operations and carried out in less than one day.