Irish Budget 2017 - Climate change is the global challenge of our generation.

Irish Budget 2017

As per the Minister's Budget release:

Climate change is the global challenge of our generation. Work has been ongoing across Government Departments to create Ireland’s first National Mitigation Plan to transition Ireland to a low carbon economy by 2050. To assist the transition to a low carbon economy:
  • I am extending the relief from vehicle registration tax on electric vehicles for a period of 5 years giving the motor industry and motorists the confidence to invest in this cleaner technology:
  • I am extending the VRT relief for hybrid vehicles for 2 years;
  • I am commencing a measure, to help reduce the dependence of larger vehicles on diesel, to provide that natural gas used as a vehicle fuel will be taxed at the EU minimum rate of excise for a period of 8 years;
  • I am commencing a relief from carbon tax for solid fuels that include a biomass element to incentivise the development of these greener fuels; and
  • I am fully relieving fuel inputs to combined heat and power plants from carbon tax as these plants demonstrate, by far, the most efficient use of energy in electricity generation. It is expected that this relief will benefit a significant number of heat and power plants in different parts of the country that provided over 7 per cent of the nation’s electricity in 2014.