How Much Is Your Home's Energy Data Worth?

Many people ask us how much is our home's energy data worth...

The answer might astound some people but here is the basic maths.

By moving from a supplier's standard tariff rate to a switch competitor and agreeing to direct debit and ebills, some new suppliers will give a sign on bonus (currently one on offer of €175).

The typical (Irish) home uses 11,000 kWh of gas so a discounted rate saves another €93. 

The typical (Irish) home uses 4,200 kWh of electricity so a discounted rate saves another €87. 

This gives an annual savings of €355. 
Multiply it by 5...

Gives you €1,755.

Now this assumes you switch supplier each year and that the suppliers continue to offer sizeable discounts and sign on bonuses but this has been the case for the past few years so we think it is unlikely to change much in the short term.

So the simple questions is, will you take the 10 minutes each year it takes to shop around a bit for your energy supplies? 

We'd also suggest using the savings to invest in some energy improvements to double down on savings such as LED lights, improved boilers/controllers or insulation improvements.