Lent Energy Saving Tip Day 41 - #Reuse Energy

Reuse Energy? It's a bit like recycling waste, always a good idea. But how do I recycle/reuse energy? (and we know, how can there be 41 days in lent? Turns out Sundays don't count but we'll keep going if you will!!)

Simple, do as much with what you use as possible. If using the oven to cook your dinner, think about doing your baking while the oven is already heated. If you are heating up a room while the oven is on, why not turn off the heating and let the oven do the work? If you have a hot bath, can somebody use it after you or can you use the hot water to soak dirty cloths before washing them? Boiled too much water in the kettle, why not use the hot water for washing down dirty dishes, pots and pans or offer an extra cup of tea to someone so it doesn't go to waste.

Here's a little video on the energy cycle with some sweet tunes!