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EnergyElephant now supports realtime IoT meters and sensors for electricity, natural gas and more.

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A natural gas flame

Natural gas

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A thermometer measuring the temperature in a building


Realtime meters and sensors enable you to monitor changes across your organisation as they happen. EnergyElephant can support near-real-time interval data so that you know what is happening within minutes of an incident occurring.

All data is validated, standardised and securely stored in EnergyElephant’s custom databases so that you can review and analyse it with our famously easy-to-use tools.

EnergyElephant can integrate with existing devices or manage the installation of new hardware across your facilities.

Chart of realtime electricity data on EnergyElephant's live dashboard

The hardware

Should you need hardware installed, EnergyElephant can provide a range of solutions for monitoring energy use, water consumption and environmental conditions. Our hardware solutions are all fully compliant with local standards and installed by experienced professionals.

Meters and sensors can be installed in a configuration best suited to your requirements and will securely communicate with the EnergyElephant platform via our messaging gateway.

A smart meter sending energy data to a mobile device
Cost savings through low expenditure on hardware
Low investment

Our solutions require minimal capital investment in infrastructure and hardware. Installation is quick and simple, typically requiring zero downtime.

Real time decision making with smart meters, live monitors and sensors
Events as they happen

Sub-meters and monitors provide feedback on activity in your organisation within minutes of it taking place.

Smart meters and sensors for real time data collection
Sensors for all needs

We provide a range of wireless monitors that collect electricity, gas, water and environmental data. They are suitable for whole building metering or sub-metering.

Meters & monitors

Real time electricity smart meters and sub-metering

A range of devices are available depending on requirements. The monitors typically collect the pulse output from an energy meter and securely transmit the data via our gateway.

Real time natural gas metering
Natural gas

Our real time natural gas meters are installed in conjunction with Chatterbox units to meet ATEX requirements and ensure that gas flows are being safely and accurately measured.

Real time water and flow metering

We often see new customers who are struggling to obtain accurate data on water supply and consumption. Our real time metering and sub-metering options provide full visibility and accountability across your facilities.

Live monitoring of temperature, humidity and other criteria.

Optimising and responding to environmental factors across your operations is important from a health & safety, maintenance and performance perspective. Our sensors provide a live views and analyses of conditions so that you can plan and respond most effectively.

Simple integration of IoT sensors and sub-meters via an API.

You can integrate your existing data-collection systems with EnergyElephant via our API. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Get in touch for more information on how you can access real-time data across facilities and operations in your organisation.

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