Who are we?

We are a team of professionals from a wide range of multi-disciplinary areas such as engineering, management consultancy and software development.
We are an engineering and technology led organisation who believe the power of smart technologies is set to revolutionise how we use, monitor, decarbon and pay for our energy use.

What do we do?

We want to do one thing and one thing only!

Help organisations to use energy smarter! Pure & Simple.

We aim to achieve this by helping manage energy costs, reduce energy consumption and limit CO2 emissions. We do this by converting your confusing energy bills into useful insights, creating robust energy data with powerful analytics and utilising the best information technologies to help you reduce your carbon emissions.

Where are we based?

We are currently based in one of the world’s hottest tech start-up locations, silicon-docks, Dublin, Ireland. We are situated within view of some of Europe’s major tech HQs including Google, Facebook, Dropbox and Yelp. We also have an office in San Francisco, California.

Our Founders

We’re a creative bunch, with a firm eye on the future. Come talk to us if you’re ever in the neighbourhood or drop us a line if you’re as passionate about energy savings and carbon reductions.

Joe Borza

Joe Profile Pic

Joe is our founder and CEO. He’s also our energy guru with over a decade working in the field. When he’s not working he loves to cycle and swim (but not at the same time!)

Eoin ó Fearghail

Eoin Profile Pic

Eoin is our CTO and Tech guru. He’s been toying around with software for the past decade. When he’s not coding he like to test out his kite surfing... if it’s not too windy!


Nellie Profile Pic

Nellie is our leader. Her favourite quote is “don’t ignore the elephant in the room”. Her passions when not saving energy are mud baths and football.

When did we start?

Like all good things, we’ve been bumping around in our founders minds for a lot longer than we care to remember. We have been formally incorporated since December 2014 and commenced trading in 2015. Since then we have on-boarded users from over 30 different countries with our app used across the globe.

How do we do it?

Technology and innovation. Innovation and technology are at the heart of all that we do. We use the power of mobile devices to collect entity level energy data, smart grid apps to pull data from energy grid operators and sophisticated analytics to sieve through the data to provide insights that are practical, relevant and timely. We also use the power of “the cloud” to hold our clients’ data safely and securely with access from a range of devices from anywhere in the world.


EnergyElephant is a leading global provider of energy data management automation & analysis solutions. Delivered as software-as-a-service, or SaaS.


We are strong believers that technology should improve the basic management of small businesses globally. That is why EnergyElephant solutions solve every-day problems in simple, intuitive ways. We always start with “what is the problem we are trying to solve and why does our client have this problem”. Whether businesses subscribe to the EnergyElephant platform to simply solve everyday energy cost issues, or use our more elaborate systems to solve bigger problems in smarter ways such as planning for a low carbon future, our system can help.