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Account for energy and GHG emissions across retail supply chains, as well as tracking water and waste.

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How is energy used in retail?

A first step toward improved sustainability is being more efficient in your energy use. Knowing exactly where energy is going can help you to quickly identify opportunities.

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Retail organisations can use energy in a range of different areas. For non-food retail, the main driver of energy consumption will be in lighting and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning). Retailers who sell food can expect to use a lot of energy on refrigeration.

The chart above shows average energy consumption across the retail sector and is based on data reported under the Building Energy Efficiency Survey.

Net-zero & Science Based Targets - where we may be headed...

Helping retailers with their net-zero ambitions is hugely important to our team at EnergyElephant, which is why we keep an eye on the global emissions scenarios as they develop.

This chart shows projected emissions by the end of this century, depending on the actions taken globally.

As you can see, there is an enormous gap between where we are currently headed and where we need to be if we hope to restrict global warming to 1.5°C.

Data for this chart comes from Climate Action Tracker.

What are Retailers Saying?

“We wanted a simple-to-use tool with a strong analytical output, and we got that and more. The team is patient and informative. We were impressed from the outset.”

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How is EnergyElephant Helping Retailers?

By working closely with energy and sustainability teams retail companies, EnergyElephant has developed services adapted to the requirements of managing sustainability across multiple locations.

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Monitor the impact of energy efficiency projects

EnergyElephant centralises and analyses all of your energy data for outlets anywhere in the world. This makes it possible for you to quickly identify the impact of energy efficiency projects in lighting or refrigeration across different jurisdictions so that you can make data driven decisions for how to proceed.

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Track carbon emissions across your supply chain

Disclosing your supply chain carbon footprint is not only a matter of compliance, it can also build trust with your customers and stakeholders, as well as identifying risks along the value chain.

EnergyElephant simplifies GHG accounting by centralising and standardising Scope 3 data, disclosed from across your organisation.

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Manage energy data and sustainability data, all in one place

See all of your utility data for cost, usage and environmental impact in one place, with preconfigured dashboards and reports to simplify how you measure, plan, track and act.

EnergyElephant can quickly identify new efficiencies across your sites and save you time on planning projects and reporting results.

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Utility bill validation and management

EnergyElephant can automatically retrieve bills from your supplier and store them, whilst extracting detailed data from each bill.

This simplifies bill checking and data capture so that you can focus on more important tasks and only review bills that are flagged as problematic.

You can also upload your original bills and data in bulk and they will be processed into the system in seconds.

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Easy to understand and report

We know that sustainability reports need to be shared with people who are not experts in the area. For that reason we make sure everything in EnergyElephant is easy to understand and simple to use so that you can report and communicate effortlessly.

Share access to specific assets and views with your team or download charts and data for use in your own reports or for reporting frameworks such as Task Force for Climate Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and ISO 50001.

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Accounting for energy from your on-site renewables

The ability of organisations to generate their own energy through solar, wind and other renewable sources is a key aspect of the net-zero transition.

EnergyElephant supports effective monitoring and accounting of energy exports via sub-metering.

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Identify energy saving opportunities

EnergyElephant visualizes energy consumption to help you identify inefficiencies and respond to problematic trends.

Track energy usage out of hours, monitor start-up and shutdown times and quantify energy baseloads.

Assess performance of divisions and buildings against custom KPIs (such as production activity, staffing, floor area etc.) to clearly quantify efficiency across your organization.

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Save money on energy and time for your team

EnergyElephant can keep your costs down by checking your unit rates against competitive rates in the market based on your actual usage.

Based on your consumption it can show you which energy sources are cheaper to use for your requirements.

EnergyElephant also monitors your contract discounts and highlights when its time to switch or renegotiate your contract.

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Secure and accessible data for your organisation

EnergyElephant secures all of your data in custom designed cloud services, meaning you’ll always have access when you need it.

By centralising your utilities data with EnergyElephant, With EnergyElephant you can change your supplier whenever you want, safe in the knowledge your historic and future data will remain secure and accessible.

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Public dashboards to increase engagement across your organisation

Helping people to understand the changes they can make and how those changes contribute to transformative action is a key part of sustainability programmes.

EnergyElephant offers public-facing views of your data that can be used to educate stakeholders and other departments on the bigger picture of sustainability goals and your progress toward achieving them.

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Be more sustainable

EnergyElephant visualizes your use of utilities to help you identify inefficiencies and respond to problematic trends.

Assess performance of divisions and buildings against custom KPIs (such as production activity, staffing, floor area etc.) to clearly quantify efficiency across your organization, in energy, water, waste and emissions.

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Carbon price modelling

EnergyElephant enables organisations to set preferred carbon prices and see how their net-zero trajectory is affected.

This supports longer term planning for the financial costs and benefits of transitioning businesses into a cleaner, more sustainable future.

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