Carbon Graph Explanation

Carbon Footprint Pie Chart

This chart shows the split between gas, electricity and other fuels. This helps the user to understand how much each fuel source contributes to their carbon footprint. Gas and most other fuel sources such as oil, wood pellets, and woodchip have a fixed carbon footprint, based on published figures. The carbon footprint of Electricity varies depending on the mixture of fuel sources at the time of use. You can see live data for the carbon footprint from electricity on our Smart Traffic Light

Monthly Carbon Footprint Bar Chart

This chart shows the monthly breakdown of your carbon footprint. We use the data from your local grid operators to calculate an accurate carbon footprint for each month. It's important to remember that the carbon emissions for electricity use vary depending on time of use.

Note: One tonne of carbon is generated by driving an average car 3,830 km (2,381 miles). Source: US EPA.