Case Study
Dublin City Council (Dublin, Ireland)


Helps Dublin City Council (DCC) save over €150,000

Dublin city council save costs with EnergyElephant

Project Overview


buildings, assets, and vehicles under management, with onboarding taking less than 2 weeks


reduction in staff time gathering and analysing data with full automation of energy data analysis

Initial cost saving =

€150,000 from capacity adjustments alone over a 5 year period

Leading to:

a Return On Investment of more than

300% per year

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The Challenge

Dublin City Council (DCC) is the largest local authority in Ireland, and one of the largest in Europe. It is central to local government in Ireland, and provides support services in the greater Dublin region to over 2 million people.

Managing the energy usage and spending across the Council’s 10,000+ assets was time consuming, inaccurate & expensive. To reduce the wastage that resulted from not having proper oversight of how energy was used, Dublin City Council chose EnergyElephant’s platform to automate and simplify their energy management process.

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The Solution

  • Automated energy data directly from DCC’s electricity, gas, and fuel suppliers, into EnergyElephant, meaning staff no longer had to spend vast amounts of time collating data together
  • The system automatically analysed all data received from the suppliers, and from sub-metering, immediately presenting the data to users in dashboards. Users can easily drill down into any level of detail – giving insights on savings, performance, and simple reporting
  • The divisional structure was set up to allow unit managers access data for their own sections, with senior management having oversight across the entire county council
  • The system is web-based, so users can access up to date energy and sustainability data from anywhere at any time.

The initial onboarding took less than two weeks to complete, with the first users gaining insights within hours

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Dublin City Council now has a best-in-class energy management system in place, which has allowed them to significantly improve their energy management practices. The system can be accessed by all relevant staff, keeping people on the same page. Some of the benefits that have accrued include:

  • An immediate cost saving of €150,000 was identified based on capacity adjustments alone over a 5 year period.
  • A 95% reduction in time spent gathering and processing data, allowing staff to act on the data and focus on their primary job.
  • An immediate ROI of over 300% per year.