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Tracking & Improving Sustainability Outcomes for a National Retail Chain

Sustainability and energy management for Intersport Elverys
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Project overview

Intersport Elverys is a national retail chain with a fully integrated omnichannel strategy, including 45 stores across Ireland and an eCommerce platform. The business is part of INTERSPORT Group, an international brand management and purchasing company with more than 5,380 stores in 42 countries.

INTERSPORT Group has a comprehensive sustainability strategy that addresses environmental, community, and supply chain concerns, with a strong focus on carbon reduction and circularity. Sustainability efforts at the award-winning Intersport Elverys Distribution and Support Centre (approx. 6,000 sq. m) focus on energy, water, waste, and distribution.

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Key business priorities for Intersport Elverys include:

Investment in renewable energy sources, recycling infrastructure, and eco-friendly operations.

Working with strategic and private label brands to promote more sustainable products.

Aim to be circular in every aspect of the business by 2050.

Key sustainability initiatives implemented by Intersport Elverys to date include:

Rainwater harvesting.

Purpose-built recycling plant.

Outsourced EV delivery fleet.

The challenge

Interpsort Elverys rooftop solar panels

INTERSPORT Group has a universal process for measurement and reporting on sustainability initiatives across all 42 countries, with a scorecard for tracking progress on shared goals embedded within their reporting cycle.

Intersport Elverys faced difficulties collecting and analysing energy and carbon data for their extensive operations, and needed an automated, centralised data tracking and analysis solution that could streamline these processes.

EnergyElephant’s software aligned perfectly with the challenges we were facing. We needed an all-in-one place to analyse, review and report on our sustainability efforts throughout the whole company and this solution is helping solve the problem. We wanted a simple-to-use tool with a strong analytical output, and we got that and more. The team is patient and informative. We were impressed from the outset.

Ger Flanagan, Intersport Elverys Sustainability Working Group

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The EnergyElephant Solution

Centralising data sources

Intersport Elverys partnered with EnergyElephant to automate and centralise the collection and analysis of all their electricity, gas, water, and other data, imported directly from utility supplier portals.

Carbon emissions

The EnergyElephant platform provides scientifically accurate monitoring and reporting on carbon and GHG emissions.

Analytics dashboard for resource management

All the data is presented in easy-to-understand dashboards, and users can drill down into any level of detail.

Detailed energy, water, and environmental monitoring

The system was set up to pull data from 63 meter points, and automatically import, instantly verify and analyse new bills from the web portals of utility suppliers for all 45 Intersport Elverys stores.

Friendly and experrt support staff

EnergyElephant provided initial virtual set-up assistance and basic training, with ongoing email and call support where required; onboarding took less than two weeks.


Intersport Elverys’ dedication to sustainability, supported by EnergyElephant, resulted in significant improvements in energy management practices throughout their operations.

Key outcomes include:

Sustainability dashboard and data setup

Intersport Elverys can now monitor and report on all their energy consumption, costs, and carbon emissions in one central, searchable, and secure location.

Time-saving efficiencies through automated processes

Automated processes allow them to make faster, evidence-based decisions using their data, and have reduced their energy and carbon data management time by more than 90%.

Dashboard analytics per asset

Different access permissions to the EnergyElephant system allow users at store level to view dashboards unique to their own energy consumption, and HQ can track the impact of sustainability improvement projects across individual stores.

Collective actions by team members

Decentralised ownership of projects promotes a culture of shared responsibility which helps drive continuous improvement in sustainability practices across the organisation.