Degree Day Analysis

Degree day analysis uses historical weather information to analyze your thermal energy usage. The thermal energy source is automatically detected based on data submitted and shown in the graph title. In many cases the main thermal energy source is Gas(sometimes referred to as Natural Gas). In most other cases the thermal energy source should be Night Rate Electricity or Heating Oil. If you are using Day Rate Electricity as your thermal energy source then you are probably paying too much for your heating.

During normal usage you should expect to use a certain number of kilowatt hours [kWhs] for each degree day. The amount used will vary depending on the building size, occupancy, and insulation characteristics. If you notice unusual spikes in the graph, then it may be that the heating was on when not required. We find this most commonly occurs in May (the heating is left on) and in September (the heating is turned back on irrespective of the weather).

If you disable your thermal source [e.g Gas] at the top of the page then you can view the thermal characteristics of other energy sources.

We currently remove the baseline usage based on the average usage during June, July and August. This is to account for non heating energy uses such as water-heating and cooking.